Video Distribution
A video distribution system will allow you to send a single HDTV source such as a cable box or DVD player to more than one TV location. Doing this can allow you to pause your favorite TV show in one room and continue watching in another. Not only that, but all your video sources will be available to watch on all the TV's through-out your home, saving you the need of purchasing multiple cable box's and source equipment.

By having a video distribution system installed through-out your home you're making a big leap into today's top technologies! Not only can you share all the source equipment to all TV locations, but you can remove all the annoying cables and electrical equipment that usually has to sit under or beside your TV. In most cases all these electronics get moved into a basement mechanical room and rack mounted out of the way.

No more electrical clutter, just a beautifully mounted TV to create a feature wall or accent your existing interior design!

All our video distribution systems are powered by NeoPro. NeoPro offers a full range of high quality and high performance distribution products in both Component Video & HDMI. These video matrix's will be the main component in sending your video signal all over the house. Pair these with a Control 4 control system and your ready to experience the joy of distributed video!

Multi-source Multi-zone, It's the way of the future. Contact us today!

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