Commercial Security & CCTV Systems
Keep your business protected with one of our commercial grade security systems and monitoring packages. Cinergy can even setup CCTV security cameras and monitor your business while your closed or away on vacation, we'll give you online access and you can check in from your smartphone or home computer!

Stay connected even when your away from the office. All our security camera systems are linked into the internet and are smartphone compatible. You can login remotely from anywhere in the world and make sure your business is secure, you can even check and see if your employees are showing up on time. Just because the boss is away doesn't have to mean he doesn't know whats going on.

Day or night, your security cameras will watch and record all actions surrounding your business.

We'll setup your camera system to only record when there is movement detected. By doing this you can save time and money by storing more recorded footage on the hard drive. Then when the time comes to backtrack and sort through your footage there isn't as much useless video to watch. You know what we mean if you've ever had to reference your camera footage.

God forbid you never have to review the footage, but if you do have to, Cinergy is here to help you out! We will come to your location and review/extract the footage your looking for. We will ever act as a witness if a police report is needed. Having a third party mediate your security cameras can help in your favor if it ever comes down to prosecution. No questions asked, Cinergy is here to protect you and your company.

Cinergy Will Keep Your Business Protected, Call Us To See How!

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