Networking & IT Wiring
Bandwidth, it's what the worlds technology and computer systems run on. Without bandwidth data would just be stuck and have no way to travel world wide in milliseconds. Companies today rely on this to streamline their business communications. Plan for the future and outfit your business with structured wire and networking technologies.

Don't get stuck in the past, most companies rely on the electrical contractor to run all the low voltage and networking wires. This worked great in the past, however times and technology is changing. Most electrical contractors are unaware of proper networking practices and engineering techniques. They ofter under estimate the amount of network cable needed. Shorting yourself in the pre-wire phase will create costly expense when the time comes to upgrade.

Do it right the first time and save yourself the long-term expense.

When you choose Cinergy to complete your commercial networking job. We'll make sure your not running short on bandwidth. We can custom design your low voltage wiring to satisfy the needs of today's technology and still allow for your company growth. Cinergy can trim out your networking hubs and switches to provide in-depth details and bandwidth reports on each and every cable run throughout your business. This ensures when the time comes to take advantage of the extra wire, its easy and quick, making your IT department jump for joy! The last thing your IT staff needs to worry about is running cable and terminating wire. Let them focus on their job, keeping your servers and computer systems online.

Future-proof Your Business Communications, Call Cinergy Today!

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