Lighting Control
Gone are the days of having a massive bank of light switches on your walls. With today's lighting technology it's a common practice to home run your lights and only install a single 3 or 6 button keypad. One touch lighting at it's best!

There was once a time where you had to place all the switches in each given room. Thank god those days are gone. Thanks to automation and lighting control technology we can now place a single switch in a room and have it control all the lights in each given room.

Today, we can give you a single button press to get your board room lit up to the perfect lighting level.

Impress your clients and go a little deeper into the automation realm. Tie your lighting control system into a basic automation system and trigger lighting events based on what your actions are. Imagine sitting down for a presentation and having the lights automatically dim and the projector turn on, all with the single press of a button. Go one step further and trigger your lighting controls with strategically placed motion and occupancy sensors, Now you don't even have to press anything! How much easier and user friendly does it get?

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