Digital Signage
Digital signage is displayed through a LCD or LED TV and will show you television programming, rotating advertisements, menus, and any other special information you want your clients to be aware of. This new form of advertising has proven to be a very effective method of passing information along to your client.

Commonly used in both public and private environments, Digital signage is used to build your brand awareness. Placing digital signage around the workplace is a great way to keep employees informed of current news, updates, stock prices, etc. Digital signage can commonly be found in: Hotels, Restaurants, Corporate Buildings & Retail Locations.

Our digital signage systems operate completely through the display unit. Unlike some other systems that need a stand alone computer or automation system to operate. Our units are self contained and easy to use. Let us design and install your advertisements or you can use the standard design templates and complete on your own. Streamline your advertising and increase revenues!

Cost Effective. Simple. Fast.

Without any additional hardware such as a media players or computer systems, our digital signage system shows live television broadcasts along with signage content using a USB drive.

Fast & Easy

Edit content quickly and easily by selecting one of the pre-installed content templates. Simply apply images and add text. It’s that easy.

Customized to your needs

Signage content can be specific to your business. It allows you to create your own signage content and make revisions on the fly.

Sleek Design

Enhance the quality of the customer experience with Its attractive simplicity adds to every retail, restaurant, corporate or public space.

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