Commercial Board Rooms
Bringing technology into your board room can make you work smarter not harder! How many companies spend a fortune on audio/video systems then go to use them and have no idea where to start? It's not only you, it happens to many people daily.

Cinergy home theatre & automation prides ourselves in engineering and installing a very intuitive and easy to use control system to operate all aspects of your board rooms. No confusing instructions or sequences you have to follow. Just a very sleek graphical user interface that even your grandma can figure out. You can have your board room up and running before you finish saying "that was easy".

Select one of our many different control options and point and click your way through start-up.

If your looking for a 1 button solution, we can do that too!

Just imagine sitting down about to give the presentation of your life. The last thing you need to worry about is if your board room audio/video system is going to work. With the Cinergy advantage we ensure your functionality by the press of a single button. We can turn on your TV's, Tele-Presence Systems, close the blinds and dim the lights. All with 1 button!

What are you waiting for? Get your consultation today!

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