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Technology in the entertainment industry can make or break your new establishment. Separate yourself from the crowd and have Cinergy install your audio/video system. We can give you a full matrix video system so you can play all the sports event simultaneously. Easily switch audio and video between TV's and keep your clients happy!

By offering the full range of events on game day your opening the door for a much wider audience. Offer different games and events on different TV's or in different sections of your establishment and watch the crowds grow. Has one game ended and another started? With the press of a button you can rotate TV's increase volume levels and even control lighting levels.

With more and more Bar's amping up the level of technology it's almost standard to have TV's in every corner of the room with a multi-tv video wall above the bar. It's not uncommon to even see a 160" projection screen.

Pair all these video devices with the Control 4 automation system and your creating a system that's so easy to use even the servers can figure it out. Using touchscreens/iPhones & iPads has become a standard way to control all your advanced audio/video systems. With an easy to use and intuitive graphical interface control is only a button press away!

Let technology increase your ROI, contact us today!

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