Fusion Research OMS3 Music Server
21 May 2013
21 May 2013,
Adding music onto your Fusion Ovation music server can be an intimidating task at first but with the right instructions we can make it easy for you or any of your family members to import and edit this media information!

The Fusion Research Ovation OMS3 music server has a built in CD drive to import physical discs directly onto the hard drive. The OMS1 and OMS2 do not have this particular feature. For the OMS3, simply drop a CD into the CD-ROM drive and it will automatically rip it to FLAC and MP3 format.

View & Manage your music library

There are two different web based utilities you will be using to setup and manage your Ovation music server

For this tutorial we will only cover the Music Manager (Cinergy has already taken care of the system configuration)

Step 1

Place your CD into the CD-ROM drive on the front of the Ovation music server.

Step 2

Wait for the disc to be extracted onto your Ovation music server.

Step 3

For most situations this is all you need to do, your now ready to listen to your new music!

Step 4

For the lesser known artists and imported international music it’s not uncommon for the music “Meta Data” to be corrupt or not found in the meta library. In these situations you will have to login and manually manage and edit this information. To complete this you must use the Ovation Music Manager web based management utility. This can be accessed here: http://fusionmusic/ (this can only be accessed from your local network, so be sure your computers are on the same network as the Ovation music server) If your using a MAC computer use: http://fusionmusic.local/

Editing Metadata Information Coming Soon…


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