21 May 2013
21 May 2013,
Fusion’s Genesis Media Server combines movies in a single unit solution that is a server with a built-in single zone player. Follow this tutorial to add, edit and manage your digital movie library with ease.

There are two primary ways to load movies onto a Fusion server

  1. Loading a DVD or Blu-ray directly in the front of the server
  2. Loading a DVD or Blu-ray through a PC on the home network
Tech Tip

DVDs and Blu-ray don’t actually have any movie information or cover art on the discs themselves; they only have a numerical identification code. Fusion servers are able to catalog and provide this movie information by contacting the Fusion online database when the disc is loaded. Once loaded, the information is permanently saved and stored onto your system. You must be connected to the internet to load movies.

Loading via the front tray on the server

Fusion Research Genesis
Movie Server

This is probably the easiest method to load a DVD or Blu-ray onto the system. Simply insert the disc into the tray on the front of the machine and allow it approximately a minute to spool and identify the disc.

When importing from the front tray you may physically scroll over and click [import] or if you do nothing, the disc will automatically begin to import after 30 seconds. This automatic import service for both DVD & Blu-ray is called EasyLoad.


Fusion Research Genesis
Movie Server

After the movie has been found in Fusion’s database, the following screen will offer you several options:

  1. Play the physical disc
  2. Import
  3. Eject the disc

If no command has been issued after 30 seconds, the system will automatically import the disc.


If the system cannot find the movie information

Fusion Research Genesis
Movie Server

Fusion’s database system currently has over 120,000 cataloged titles and grows every day. If a movie cannot be found, a keyboard screen will pop up and allow you to put the title of the movie in yourself.

It is very important to type out the complete title of the movie exactly as it appears on the disc itself, you only get one opportunity to title the disc.

It’s normal for the system to take several minutes of searching before it gives up and allows you to put in the title manually.

Once you’ve entered the title information, the system will do a smart search to try and find the correct cover art and meta data information. It will then repeat the opportunity to either import manually or automatically after 30 seconds.

Fusion Research Genesis
Movie Server

If you’ve loaded a disc and no cover art or meta data is found, a report is sent Fusion’s headquarters. We have a team of people who correct the movie information in the database. A general rule of thumb is to give us 3-5 business days to correct the information. Then select the movie, navigate over to the [Advanced] tab (if enabled from the setup menu) and select the [Update Metadata] option. This will research our database and correct any movie information that is missing or inaccurate.

Loading international Titles

Both DVD & Blu-ray’s have different region codes built into the discs. DVDs are numbered (1-6 are the primary regions – US is region 1, Europe region 2). Blu-ray are lettered (A,B,C – US is region A, Europe is region B). Some discs are listed as region ‘free’ or region ‘all’ and will play everywhere across the world. Discs should have their region marked somewhere on the dust jacket or on the disc itself. If it is not marked, it will probably be all regions.

Multiple regions can be imported and played back in a Fusion system, but care should be taken during the loading process to ensure that it is loaded correctly or the disc will not play back.

To change the region before importing a disc, select the main menu and navigate to [Set Up]/[Disc]/AnyDVD [Manage]. From this screen, highlight [Edit Regions] and click OK.

Simply change the appropriate region and click [Apply]. Now import the disc. (Be sure to set the system back to it’s regular settings afterwards.)

Loading via the PC import utility

If you would prefer to load discs via the desktop computer some-where on the home network, you can easily do that. The first step is to contact Cinergy or your dealer of record and get the Import Utility software.

Tech Tip

The client will need to have AnyDVD HD loaded on their PC before they can import their movies. The same registration key should be valid for both the Fusion server and their PC.

Before importing, please ensure that the importing computer and the Fusion server on the same network!

Make sure that AnyDVD HD is activated on the computer; insert a disc into the drive and when you open the import utility on the desktop, you’ll this screen:

By clicking on the [Disc] button on the screen, it should find the disc information and immediately begin importing.

When the disc is finished importing, it will give you a notification.


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