21 May 2013
21 May 2013,
With the new releases of Control4’s version 2.0 software release they’ve made it a lot easier for homeowners to add and change their mobile device licensing. Follow along below to add or update your mobile device without having to call your dealer for support.
Step 1

control4-iconDownload and install the Control4 My Home app from the Apple or Android app store. Do a search for “Control4” and download the appropriate version (iPhone, iPad or Android) The icon on the left can be used for reference, be sure to get the current version.

Step 2

control4-screen1After launching the app for the first time you’ll be faced with a screen giving you a brief introduction to the app. Tap “Connect Now” to get started and input the additional required information.


Step 3

control4-screen2Once your done hitting the “Connect Now” button the “Add System” screen will appear. You will need the following information to get started:
• Your email address and password.
• Be on the same WiFi network as the Control4 system
• An active internet connection

Step 4

control4-screen3Continue to the next screen by pressing the “Next” button in the top right corner of the screen. Input your information into the required fields. This log-in information get’s emailed to you once the system is registered by your dealer. If you’ve misplaced this email you can request it by using their password recovery form located here: or contact your dealer of record and request this information.

Step 5

Once you connect the Control4 system will go out and query the Control4 servers and authenticate your account. If your mobile site license is NOT present you will be faced with an error, if you internet connection is NOT available the system will not be able to contact Control4 and once again an error will present itself. If this is the case contact your dealer of record and ask for some help. In most cases these problems can be rectified over the phone or via remote access.

If you have any questions or would like to make Cinergy Home Theatre & Automation your dealer of record then feel free to contact us and see how the Cinergy Advantage can take your Control4 install to the next level!


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